Top 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing has clearly hit it’s stride and everyone is looking for some of the trends that will be evident going into the new year. It is key to stay up to date on the various changes because you want to be sure that your business is well positioned to capitalize on them. Below, we will be going over some of the top 2017 digital marketing trends that will likely come about this year.

Top 2017 Digital Marketing Trends:

1. Images and Videos Rule.

The biggest trend that is likely going to continue is the rise of images and video in content. Videos have surged over the past year or so and more and more consumers than ever before are looking for them. Consumers in large have embraced images (both still and moving) along with videos. As a result, you can expect that this trend will continue with even more of an emphasis taking part in them. New visual platforms are likely to roll out throughout the year and we will see a complete rise toward visual storytelling.

2. Rise Of Influencers.

Another trend that is expected to continue is the rise of influencers. Influencers throughout the marketplace have been gaining traction as one of the most important things to focus on in business. If you want to succeed in the marketplace, you need to pay attention to influencers as they dictate a lot of their followers actions and even behaviors.

As a result, you want to be sure that you are focused on attracting influencers to your own products and/or services and really maximizing and capitalizing on them. InBusiness Inc

3. Mobile.

Another trend that has been occurring and that is expected on continuing is the rise of mobile. More and more consumers than ever before are utilizing mobile devices as their primary means of searching and browsing the web. In fact, a lot more than ever before are actively using their mobile devices to shop online. Therefore, you can expect this trend to continue and to only gain in steam when it comes to it’s importance on the marketplace.

In conclusion, there are a lot of trends to be aware of when it comes to competing in the digital marketplace. Not only is mobile expected to continue to dominate, but visual storytelling in the form of videos has become the ideal medium for businesses to reach consumers.

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