Why Normal Is Making Your Life A Whole Heck Of A Lot More Difficult

Have you ever given any thought to the idea that your mind is made up of a great deal of ideas? Many people never stop and think about this. It seems as cyclical as thinking about thinking. However, at the root of this question and questions like it, ultimately lies a very valuable treasure trove of wisdom. Today I’ll talk a bit about something our brain does regarding what it considers “normal”.

What’s normal was mostly automatically rejected by my authority figures growing up. It was considered bad, and the good opposing thing was to be “unique”. This was preached non-stop during my childhood by teachers and such. Mainstream media and movies and music also seemed to embrace this idea. But what’s interesting about it is this… I believe the idea of being or acting or exhibiting anything which seems “normal” is a facade. An illusion.

In fact, it rather seems that what’s going on is people are judging ideas and people together. Rather than looking at the ideas and criticizing those, people are also lumped into the equation and that’s that. No more inspection beyond something their brain is doing automatically. It might look like looking at Joe the mailman and how he seems so normal and un-original. Such as an artist I once met who seemed hellbent on breaking out of these norms by always acting contrarian in every way. Interestingly enough, she based all of her moves, everything she decided beyond that original idea, off of what she considered “normal”.

What’s actually happening in our own minds, is that our brain operates off of “normal” whether we like it or not.

Some people may refuse to believe it, such as the contrarian artist I just described. She may have believed that she was anything but normal. That her brain was more creative and some loosely strung together reasoning to the conclusion that she wasn’t basing her life off of norms.

But norms do exist. They are always in play with everything you’re doing in your daily life. The amount of money you want to make. The quality of the relationships you have. Where you live. How well you live. How well others treat you and how well you treat them. It doesn’t matter. Your brain has a norm, a normal construct it’s built for what it believes is “normal” and it’s constantly adapting to it.

So how does this affect the quality of your life? Simple. Change the norms and change your life.

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